Saturday, October 02, 2004

I'm gonna blow your head off like Rasberry Jam...

Listening To: Berry - Dir en Grey
Reading: The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown (after a brief break to read Shan's Sons of Destiny)

In other news (says she) I got my hands on the twelfth, and final, Darren Shan book, Sons of Destiny. It was nice to see parts of Darren's eariler book, Ayaumarca, seeming to come into play. Honestly. Shan really outdid himself. Back to Da Vinci, now, but it was a welcome break as any. Honestly. What an ending.
Too much homework this weekend. Admittedly, you know, I could have done more during the week...but, ah, everything is easier seen in hindsight. Half done today, half to be done tomorrow, I suppose. I guess there's still a fair bit of time, around and about...and its not like I ever have plans, ne? Mind you, I'm negleting my would seem that listening to hours of J-rock a day wont soully teach one the language. X3 well...I tried. Dou shiyou? I'll have to try to find some of those language tapes. Or something, anyway. My ability to concentrate on more than one language is quite appalling. Bloody French. Mon dieu! C'est tres facile!
hmm...the English speakers in the middle of Berry are British. Interesting.
Went out yesturday, acause of the inset day and all. The plan was to go to the library and do our Science, but, alas, that sort of went to pot. Ended up wandering, going to Ottakers, then disbanding once we finally reached the library. Sian and I got a fair percentage (w00t. Shitty puns.) of our Maths done, mind. Graphs = tools of evil. Really. long until half term?


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