Sunday, October 10, 2004

I need to do too much...

Listening to: Dir en Grey -- Myaku...followed by hide -- Flame
Reading: Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy; Douglas Adams

For future personal reference...things Shannon needs to do, lest she loses her sanity.
  1. Read Soul Reaper, then lavish Dave in comments
  2. Maths homework (which earned a point on the list because there's a lot of it)
  3. Science Project (Halogens and the periodic table. yaay.)
  4. Update TDL
  5. Raise money for Gold Community for the Coven
  6. Write more
  7. Get back into learning Japanese
  8. Type up all English notes
  9. Find a way to Sim, surf the net, doll, write, and get homework done. Perhaps simultaniously.
  10. Decide on a few things to hint about for birthday
  11. Buy more books
  12. Talk parents out of moving

hmm...that could be it. I'll probably end up thinking of more, mind, by the time I publish this. Ho Hum.

Went to see my school doing Macbeth at the Shakespeare festival thingy. It's all across the country, so if you're in it or something...w00t for you! Four schools were perfoming on the night I went (last Wednesday, at Millfield theatre, you know, just incase you were there...*looks around*)...were all really good, actually, which was somewhat surprising. yay St. Annes! I guess we dont suck at everything then, huh? *coughs* Sometimes I wish I could act or be good at sport or something. Looks good on a CV, ne? "In the school drama netball team..etc etc" Ah well. Maybe I'll....I dunno. Try and be a prefect next year. *goes mad with power*

T'is my birthday in less than a month now. I'm so excited. Perhaps, to show you how excited I am, I'll write a list of everything I've not accomplished in 15 years. Yes. But not now. Closer to the day. ehehe...I'm so bleak sometimes.

*Mana-dances* There we are! All better now.


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