Saturday, August 14, 2004

You must be double jointed and you must be Hungarian

What a week.
What a great fuckin' week.
Well...maybe I'm off over the top, just a touch. But still. Went to Forbidden Planet on Wednesday and got a new LDD -- Greed -- and an Edward Scissorhands figurine. It was either him or a set of those "Tim Burtons toys for girls and boys"...I think that's what they're called. Well, there was Oyster Boy and Stare Girl and stuff...but the Edward was just beautiful. Bendy too. I'm going to have to go back there some time soon, I think -- get me Ed Wood and raid the manga shelves downstairs. Got some new Gloom Cookie too...then went with the parents to dinner at Benihanas. Tres good. mm...Japanese.
Then (na na!) went into Camden yesturday -- got a skirt and some other stuffs. I'm broke now, mind you, but it was still a great pair of days. Oh pfft...I ordered another LDD (after months of dormancy from them due to lack of moulah), the ever darling Lou Sapphire, last weekend...why's he not here yet?! WHY? *sits on the floor* Me waaants him...he so, I mean, a very nice doll. Yes.
*sings along to We Close Our Eyes* There's nothing like Oingo Boingo...nothing. Hell, think I'm going to go watch Big Fish.


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