Saturday, November 13, 2004

Here's your list of friends in the order they died.

Reading : Mort - Terry Pratchett
Listening to: hide - Hurry go Round
Last film seen: Battle Royale / Finding Neverland

Meh. You ever get the feeling that life is mocking you? The fortnight I'm in the middle of is a perfect example of such.
Tuesday - my birthday. It rocked, dahlings! Manga, J-Rock, DVDs...marvellous. Actually had a pretty okay day at school, too, which was a new feeling.
Wednesday - I find myself suffering in an English lesson. Confusion. Bloody media studies.
Thursday - Ignored all day. Then get moaned at for being anti-social.
Friday - Precilla's birthday and Tanya's not in. Good day. Went to Wagamama's in St Albans for a birthday dinner thing with my parents. Bishie waiters EVERYWHERE. Get home and get yelled at by one friend, let down by another.
Saturday - Let down by friends, so, instead of going to the cinema, I stayed home and revised science. And wrote some shonen ai, which I contemplate sharing.
And next week...Science Modular GCSE exams. Followed by a day and a half off.

I think the word I'm looking for here is "turbulence".

In other news, only hide can make saying "fuck off" the cutest thing in the world. really. Listen to Doubt '97. Also...his way of saying "hello". X3

Where in the blazes did Saturday go?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I need to do too much...

Listening to: Dir en Grey -- Myaku...followed by hide -- Flame
Reading: Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy; Douglas Adams

For future personal reference...things Shannon needs to do, lest she loses her sanity.
  1. Read Soul Reaper, then lavish Dave in comments
  2. Maths homework (which earned a point on the list because there's a lot of it)
  3. Science Project (Halogens and the periodic table. yaay.)
  4. Update TDL
  5. Raise money for Gold Community for the Coven
  6. Write more
  7. Get back into learning Japanese
  8. Type up all English notes
  9. Find a way to Sim, surf the net, doll, write, and get homework done. Perhaps simultaniously.
  10. Decide on a few things to hint about for birthday
  11. Buy more books
  12. Talk parents out of moving

hmm...that could be it. I'll probably end up thinking of more, mind, by the time I publish this. Ho Hum.

Went to see my school doing Macbeth at the Shakespeare festival thingy. It's all across the country, so if you're in it or something...w00t for you! Four schools were perfoming on the night I went (last Wednesday, at Millfield theatre, you know, just incase you were there...*looks around*)...were all really good, actually, which was somewhat surprising. yay St. Annes! I guess we dont suck at everything then, huh? *coughs* Sometimes I wish I could act or be good at sport or something. Looks good on a CV, ne? "In the school drama netball team..etc etc" Ah well. Maybe I'll....I dunno. Try and be a prefect next year. *goes mad with power*

T'is my birthday in less than a month now. I'm so excited. Perhaps, to show you how excited I am, I'll write a list of everything I've not accomplished in 15 years. Yes. But not now. Closer to the day. ehehe...I'm so bleak sometimes.

*Mana-dances* There we are! All better now.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

I'm gonna blow your head off like Rasberry Jam...

Listening To: Berry - Dir en Grey
Reading: The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown (after a brief break to read Shan's Sons of Destiny)

In other news (says she) I got my hands on the twelfth, and final, Darren Shan book, Sons of Destiny. It was nice to see parts of Darren's eariler book, Ayaumarca, seeming to come into play. Honestly. Shan really outdid himself. Back to Da Vinci, now, but it was a welcome break as any. Honestly. What an ending.
Too much homework this weekend. Admittedly, you know, I could have done more during the week...but, ah, everything is easier seen in hindsight. Half done today, half to be done tomorrow, I suppose. I guess there's still a fair bit of time, around and about...and its not like I ever have plans, ne? Mind you, I'm negleting my would seem that listening to hours of J-rock a day wont soully teach one the language. X3 well...I tried. Dou shiyou? I'll have to try to find some of those language tapes. Or something, anyway. My ability to concentrate on more than one language is quite appalling. Bloody French. Mon dieu! C'est tres facile!
hmm...the English speakers in the middle of Berry are British. Interesting.
Went out yesturday, acause of the inset day and all. The plan was to go to the library and do our Science, but, alas, that sort of went to pot. Ended up wandering, going to Ottakers, then disbanding once we finally reached the library. Sian and I got a fair percentage (w00t. Shitty puns.) of our Maths done, mind. Graphs = tools of evil. Really. long until half term?

Sunday, September 26, 2004

100,000 page views!

Listening to: Pop is Dead - Miyavi
Reading: The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

Yay! My ever adored forum got its 100,000th page view today.
(that's your cue to go visit and marvel) other news. Need to go do my History devoir, but I'd rather not. Not that I don't like history...but, meh. I dont feel like working. Not that I ever do, but, ah, you know. Sleep would be real spiffy right now.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

What ever happened to the Transylvannian Twist?

Listening to: Orgasm - X-Japan
Reading: The Da Vinci Code - Dan Brown

Oh, I don't know. I kept meaning to come and update this, but, truth be told, there's now't to be writing about. School is hard. Trying to get enough sleep is harder. There was a Japanese bishie on my bus yesturday, though. Lookied sorta like Kyo. X3
Oh, and my mam likes Miyavi. Well...Peter Pan Syndrome, anywho. Is that more parent friendly than Coin Rocker's baby? I guess so.'d think, ne? Next step - getting her into DeG. *snorts* Child Play video, anyone?
I guess I kinda need to start thinking about my birthday...sure, its in November an' all, but seeing as most of what I'll be wanting (expensive taste? That's not even half of it) will probably be coming from Japan. Keyword - wanting. heh...oh, I don't know. Maybe I'll just ask for money. That's usually easier, wouldn't you think?
Squee...I have to get serious about writing again. Have to. Really.'s all Sims 2's fault. Its so damned cool, damnit. Well, and my overbearing procrastination skills.
Ohith! Saw Hero last night. *mews* Can the Asians make films or can the asians make films? Ye was so stunning. And House of Flying Daggers is out boxing day! W00t! Thank Jimmeny my dad and I have similar cinematic tastes. Mind, I'm not adversed to going on my own, when I have to. It's just nice to have someone to talk to it about, after.

Monday, August 30, 2004

I'm gonna sing the doom song now!

One week left of summer! *death* 7am starts, buses, people, work, people...meh. I wish to curl into a ball Oh never mind. I'm getting ten hours of sleep each night now (blessed 11am starts) but...up at 7am! I'll barely get five hours if I'm lucky! And if my mum stops me from watching Invader Zim at night...
doom doom doom doomy-doomey doom...
I mean, sure, it's not like i've actually done ANYTHING this summer, but I'm generally easily amused. I have Burton films, comic books and the internet...what more do I need? Probably a fair bit more if I think about it, but c'est la vie. Oh, that's another thing! I think I've forgotten all my French, subtly replacing it with Japanese, and I'm doing badly learning THAT too.
Ah well.
I'm going to go colour in some ring binders.

Saturday, August 14, 2004

You must be double jointed and you must be Hungarian

What a week.
What a great fuckin' week.
Well...maybe I'm off over the top, just a touch. But still. Went to Forbidden Planet on Wednesday and got a new LDD -- Greed -- and an Edward Scissorhands figurine. It was either him or a set of those "Tim Burtons toys for girls and boys"...I think that's what they're called. Well, there was Oyster Boy and Stare Girl and stuff...but the Edward was just beautiful. Bendy too. I'm going to have to go back there some time soon, I think -- get me Ed Wood and raid the manga shelves downstairs. Got some new Gloom Cookie too...then went with the parents to dinner at Benihanas. Tres good. mm...Japanese.
Then (na na!) went into Camden yesturday -- got a skirt and some other stuffs. I'm broke now, mind you, but it was still a great pair of days. Oh pfft...I ordered another LDD (after months of dormancy from them due to lack of moulah), the ever darling Lou Sapphire, last weekend...why's he not here yet?! WHY? *sits on the floor* Me waaants him...he so, I mean, a very nice doll. Yes.
*sings along to We Close Our Eyes* There's nothing like Oingo Boingo...nothing. Hell, think I'm going to go watch Big Fish.